This is a local group for moms who are a little “extra” lucky and have kiddos with Down syndrome in the Lubbock area. It is intended to help build community and fellowship so we can encourage, help, listen to, and, love on each other in a safe space.

The Lucky Few – Lubbock meets monthly for brunch and allows for moms in the group to meet in person. The monthly brunch is typically held the 2nd Saturday of every month. All details about brunch are posted on The Lucky Few – Lubbock Facebook page.

Their Facebook page also allows moms to share information, ask questions, or seek recommendations or advice of other parents on many different topics.

Did you know that The Lucky Few is a national movement for parents and families with loved ones with Down syndrome? They even have their own tattoo. Here is the story that The Today Show did on The Lucky Few: Why moms of kids with Down syndrome are getting matching tattoos